Recommended - 16 hrs   Advanced…Day one Classroom - Day 2 Hands on situations drills…Decontamination   systems will be involved..day 2  will introduced the stress, different situations and the command structure…Control and security will come into the theater of operation…Safety and security officers will be shown the need to act and take control as needed.…


Main Staff - 8 hour minimum training course – Other modules can  be added as  needed.  


Secondary Staff - 4 hour introduction... This can be expanded  as the alert system is elevated


Additional Advance class can be set up as needed.


Coarse Basics

Ø  Awareness stages

Ø  Ebola entry in to the Philippines.   >  Being ready

Ø  Command Systems and Officers… This will open the Command Section and set the mode for awareness as we set the alert

Ø  Stages in place...

Ø  Thinking outside of the Box and The Time Stress Programs...

Ø  What is Ebola and how does it move

Ø  Bio Confinement Stages and Systems

Ø  Safety Systems

Ø  Decontamination Systems - Waste - Body Removal …

Ø  Who is in Control? Officer and Command Sections …Addiction Training modules... Security…Military and Information Officers…

Ø  Shelters and isolation system training - Barangay Levels…

Ø  Planning for Military Action, Control of travel will be addressed as needed

Ø  Logistics and services…How to engage in the middle of an epidemic …

Ø  Needed supplies requested ASAP …We prefer sooner than later. What is needed?

Ø  What happens to Public Services?

Ø  Public Banners and Information Radio will be setup and ready to go as part of the City Emergency Plan for awareness

Ø  And training. Radio will play a large part of the education process… as well as Emergency Information

Ø  Running Simulations and drills.  Control Lost… What is next…?

Ø  Home defense and protection





Kennedy Space Center in Protective Services…Paramedical Services, Hazardous and Bio Emergencies , Command Systems and Disaster was my work for 15 years at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; With a total of 30 years of continues services in Emergency Disaster and Response. I have responded; worked or managed sections of World Disasters in many places.  My last response was three months in the Yolanda Typhoon area.  Before that; in Iligan City and CDO for the flooding there. Before that; the earthquake in Haiti that killed 250,000 people. I have work in FEMA supported Disasters in South Florida.  In the Yolanda Response we treated over 9000 patients with our teams including running a Command Center  My training and experience should be unmatched in the Philippines.  In Africa I have been in diseased locations I have worked and used all leverls of protective equipment.  


My experience, information and studies are telling us this Virus is airborne to some degree. I said this in early Augest, weeks ago; and just now some in the WHO is hinting that this may be possible… Computer projection predicts that this will spread worldwide with a million people being affected in Africa alone by the end of January. As per the CDC; if they had been there two months earlier with awareness; things might have been controlled better… In the early reports; 80 of the heath care worked out of 160 has died from this virus; and more medical personal, and countries around the world, are still being infected. Many of the doctors are stating that this virus is now out of control in some of these areas. Even if this virus is controlled this time it can come back later even more dangerous. And other threats are out there.



If the Ebola Virus were to enter the Philippines it is very likely that the poor would hold off on medical treatment as long as possible because of the lack of awareness and the fact that they cannot afford to get medical attention for what first starts out as flu systems.  So once the victims start moving for medical attention we are already losing control.  As this happens Government Hospitals would be quickly overcome…


Our lessons in Africa tell us that early intervention in awareness, training and supports systems can determine the outcome… And as we know with the holidays coming and the returning of thousands of overseas workers... and with the increased numbers of infections in Africa that is projected... and the unknown number that can occur in other parts the world;  this can increase the risk of infection  many times over…  


In my teaching I set up different lines of defense with the Hospital being near the end of the protection grid.  The front Lines of quarantine must be drawn and Control Systems put in place. Before the patient is even move inside of the hospital a decontamination process should be activated. 


Control must  start at first contact.   I set up a Protected Incident Command Center and Protected Forward Command  Systems if needed.

Here in the Philippines the first line of protection is the people. For this to happen there must be awareness and simple training... The next line is on the Barangay level. They must be ready to take Command and contain the attack as it occurs. The local police and Emergency workers like the Fire Department are on the front lines… them must be trained  and ready to act….The Military also comes into play here as  a point of a early entry and in case the alert level of urgency is raised.   There are systems of logistical and additional Command Section that must be up and working as we move victims and get them to the proper center. ..  Safety,  information officers and public commutations must all be up and working.  Proper levers of safety must apply and every Barangay must be ready to act in the proper manner…  In most cases the hospital should be a dedicated Ebola Center… Government Hospital must be ready to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome…Everything would change.... 

If we fail in this simple structure all can be lost collapsing all the lines of defense…

We teach you how to see outside of the box….


Home Survival

I run Command Systems… In this I have only one direction with the Ebola Issus.…To Protect my people I work with and the people we serve; and Stop the Virus…I have the ability to do as I say I will do…


We have offered services to Governments many times on different issues… and because of corruption and political deals people still suffer in many places here in the Philippines. Many health care workers here have lost their lives here. I was aware of the issues from the start and how they were infected. If we stay in this current box and this system of operations with Ebola…. this Virus will continue and we will continue to lose lives.



We do not have the equipment to do it right… This is where we teach you to survive…There is no other training like this in the world… 


You already know we don't have what we need... This is where you must be impowered with knowledge and skills...I will continue to add to this site on ways to adapt  so  we can be  ready.