Recommended - 16 hrs   Advanced…Day one Classroom - Day 2 Hands on situations drills…Decontamination   systems will be involved..day 2  will introduced the stress, different situations and the command structure…Control and security will come into the theater of operation…Safety and security officers will be shown the need to act and take control as needed.…


Main Staff - 8 hour minimum training course – Other modules can  be added as  needed.  


Secondary Staff - 4 hour introduction... This can be expanded  as the alert system is elevated


Short Video on
Protective Clothing
Is not  for a airborne Virus
Please note that this strain of Ebola that has effected so many of the health care workers requires a higher lever of protection.
To violate this is entering at not only at your risk... but everyone that you could expose if you become infected...
In this issue .. everyone is a safety officer.
Protective Suits
Remember that out of 160 workers... 80 died....
Use this for what it is worth.
I will be teaching a higher lever of protection
Ebola is Airborne
The CDC say No and the WHO says maybe... It once was in the past...it is not now and it is maybe again...
And now droplets are airborne as per the CDC...And then they changes the posting and took this info down... But on airplanes it is directed to cover the parients mouth if they are coughting...
The proof is in the way it is spreading..
I teach that we treat it as it is Airborne..
Few are ready for this
More News on Ebola being airborne.
CDC says no...
WHO say maybe...
As this contines... more workers are dieing because this is not being protected as being what it is....AIRBORNE
Who do you want to trust here? WHO;  The...
{World Health Organization}
Remember, we teach that you are the first line of defence.

Changes to Ebola Protection Worn by U.S. Hospital Workers


After two nurses in Dallas tested positive for Ebola after helping to care for Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who died of the disease last week, federal health officials decided to tighten the guidelines for American hospitals with Ebola patients. Many hospitals, including those in the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System and the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha — one of four facilities in the country with biocontainment units equipped to isolate patients with dangerous infectious diseases — have long had more stringent guidelines than the C.D.C.            Oct 15th NY Times

North Shore-L.I.J. Level 3 Suit After the second nurse in Dallas was diagnosed with Ebola, the North Shore system upgraded their Level 3 suit by adding an impermeable gown on top. The suit shown above begins to approach the standard of protection used by health careworkers in West Africa. The C.D.C. may soon require full-body suits in the United States.


See the full Report here >> http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/15/us/changes-to-ebola-protection-worn-by-us-hospital-workers.html?_r=0  

North Shore-L.I.J. Level 2 Suit   The C.D.C. has recommended extra levels of protection, like those above, in cases

where workers could come into contact with a patient’s bodily fluids. Many hospitals,including the Nebraska center, have required these levels as the minimum. Before this week, this suit was used by North Shore-L.I.J.hospitals for patients who were suspected of having Ebola, but they have since decided to upgrade to the Level 3 Suit instead.

Original C.D.C. Guidelines  The suit above representsthe C.D.C.’s original guidelinesfor health care workers who would come in contactwith Ebola patients butwould not be exposed totheir blood or bodily fluids.

Original C.D.C. Guidelines
North Shore-L.I.J. Level 2 Suit
North Shore-L.I.J. Level 3 Suit
INSTALLING AND REMOVING YOUR PERSONAL PROTECTION.  Note; this is level 2 best effort.....Level  3 is needed.....
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and Potection
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