We Teach you how to set up and run Command Systems


Is a highly structured training class base on teaching groups to manage and control disaster and  direct different support systems. This system has a long proven history in 

 Fire Departments, Security and Military Forces.

Were it was not used there was failure.

We teach ICS {Incident Command Systems}.

This is a structured system that should be used in the upper government down to the Barangay level. We cover several add-on modules, including, shelter support, pre-deployment and different water rescue and safety courses. Safety and Medical awareness is a big part of this class. We open the thinking of our students to look to the past, present and future of events to create awareness.


This is a course in Operation and Command of a Disaster Event. The system is used as a standard in all operations of rescue and support. It presents with a wider understanding of the event and how to think ahead before the event happens. It directs a new understanding towards the officials in-charge and their responsibilities. These courses are set up to save lives. It will examine several different disasters and why they failed. These classes also cover how other responding world agencies will interact with local government.  We attempt  tp move our student into Multi-Dimensional  Thinking. This gives the studend a look into the past, present and the future of a event. This training comes from my 30 years of collective experience with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, thousands of responses to accidents in and outside of NASA, World Disasters Responses.... including the response to the loss of a Space Shuttle at the Space Center.. This includes Fire Rescue Emergency Parmedical Medical Responses { EMS }, Water Rescue / SCUBA Rescue, Fire Protection, Hazardous Material Response, USA Air Forceand others agencies. This experience also including responding to several major disasters events in the USA and other countries.


Classes are offered in 4 and 8 hour sections in English only at this time.


·  The 4 hour class is more of an introduction to 



·  The 8 hour class involves  a look in to the past

   of why there is failure duning emergencies.


·  The 16 hour Class offers hands on training in

   the class room in management of Ebola    

   and other types of emergencies and disasters.        

 · Other additional training is available offering

   more hands on and different modules which

   would engage the Barangay to  be  involved in

   the LAMP Disaster Network. This places us in a

   position to be stronger in our Collective


Work History Command Centers
DEC- JAN  2012
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Past Work with LAMP

Our approach….. “Improvise Adapt and Overcome”  Typhoon Yolanda.  ---We set zones of need, sent a Forward Command Team and followed with Medical Teams. Command was in Ormoc, Leyte

We covered from Ormoc to Tacloban… and from Tacloban to Samar down the east coast and up the east side. Over 9000 people was helped with just Medical alone.


NASA FROM THE KENNEDY SPACE CENTER  Our Training Programs are some of the same programs that was used at the Space Center in Hazmat Issues and Command Systems.
Past Typhoon Yolanda Command Center
Ormoc, Leyte Philippines
NASA Kennedy Space Center Florida Protective Services
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